Employee Engagement Activities


Any person in management today should know and understand that the success of their company is directly dependent on employee satisfaction. This simply means that a happy workforce equals to happy clients and in the end, a highly profitable entity. In a bid to work on employee satisfaction, one of the best methods is incorporating employees into company business, or in other words Employee Engagement. Prior to doing any major planning, it is paramount that you understand that employee engagement is governed by mindset and employee engagement activities can help greatly. 

For any Employee Engagement Activity to be successful, a full understanding of employees is a necessity. Employees are real people with human feelings, aspirations, ideas, challenges and accomplishments. All the pressures from within and outside work do take a toll on them. Therefore, instead of just seeing employees as money making machines, they should be viewed as resources that need to be nurtured and understood for them to bring out the best results as they work. Therefore, the “why” bit of every employee engagement strategy, activity or event, should be always be your starting point.

Having understood the importance of employees and their engagement into the company, the next question becomes, how can one do this without coming out as insincere, boring or demanding? This is where you need to look keenly into simple but unique Employee Engagement Activities. Here is a list of 10 activities that you can use to incorporate employees more into the business.

1. Career Mentorship

Most individuals work in companies to grow and build their careers. Therefore, if you fail to offer that to them, employees may start lacking initiative. An idea that has been implemented in a number of organizations is the “I’m my own hero” mentality. Here, you can request individuals at the company to structure their career growth plans as they start out at their posts. This is to be kept in a sealed envelope for a period of 6 months or a year. After this time, employees can get their envelopes back to see if they met their goals.

This way, employees learn to be in charge of their careers and not leave their fate to their bosses. Managers should simply play a mentorship and guardian role.

2. The Tedx Talks, Your Company’s Edition.

This is a new innovative idea where companies have mock TEDx Talks. Here employees get a chance to share their thoughts on various issues. Moreover, this cultivates creativity and innovation. By making the office more interactive, the genera environment will be relaxed and this will even boost morale. You can choose time periods in which to hold the talks and most importantly, ensure all levels, from the lowest to the highest are involved.

3. Develop Your Own Internal Company Magazine

You can have a fun magazine every month that is employee-focused, whether printed or online based. With stories, news, features, columns and opportunities related to the employees, they can have a nice distraction every month. You can add perks like the Employee of the Month featuring on the magazine cover and so on.

4. Paid Vacations

Some companies like FullContact have been known to offer compulsory paid vacations for its employees. This company gives a $7500 incentive for vacationing annually to each employee where they have to take a vacation and do no work whatsoever when on holiday.

It is a fact that exhausted workers are basically unproductive workers. Vacations may prove to be too costly or some employees fear vacationing as they may seem uncommitted to their work. Therefore why not give your employees a nice treat every year?

5. Talk Money With Them

Openly sharing your financial statements with employees depicts transparency and also shows that you trust them. Do a presentation of the financial status every quarter and show the employees how what they do directly translates to income for the company. This way, the employees will understand how each action they take directly impacts the company, encourage them to take responsibility and therefore they will feel more dedicated to its success.   

6. Company Team Buildings

These are pretty common among many companies. This simply involves taking time away from the work routine to mingle, play games and relax. You can mix it up by having the company Olympics where teams can compete in various sports for different prizes. Also be sure to take some embarrassing photos which can be published in the company magazine for a nice laugh!


7. Community Development Projects

Nothing brings people closer together than working together to give back to the less fortunate. This is a great practice where employees can have a regular annual plan of target people, schools or facilities to visit and offer support, whether monetary or gifts. Such social and charity initiatives foster loyalty and pride among the workforce. 

8. Make Employees Part of The Business Planning Process

As you do the business planning whether quarterly or semi-annually, ensure the employees are hands on in the process, this is because they are the ones who deal with most of the issues and challenges in the company. Therefore, they have ingenious ideas on how these can be sorted out. This will also create a greater sense of belonging, feeling of trust and respect, and also promote transparency.

9. Provide Opportunities and Encourage Learning.

As earlier mentioned, employees desire constant growth. Feelings of stagnation are top among the reasons workers transfer. Therefore, you can create your own Academy with great opportunities where employees can learn and grow. The curriculum should directly address their needs and preferences. Get them involved in the schedule creation and have a grand graduation for the successful grandaunts!

10. A Flowing Pipeline

Last but not least is ensuring there is a smooth flow of information. Have regular meetings where workers can air their views, allow for anonymous comments and open door policies. This way, when managers and employees can freely interact, the communication flow along the pipeline is smooth and effortless thus a full functional company.

Hope you have enjoyed the list employee engagement activities. To gauge the current morale of your team simply sign up for a free trial to Mink, to send out a quick pulse survey to help identify issues and concerns and correct them before it is to late. Feel free to share and also share your own employee engagement activities that you have seen work.

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